Listing Standards

With a view to providing travelers with proper and reliable services to the fullest, the following standards have been adopted with regard to the listings on

Conforming to the listing standards is crucial and imperative for keeping your listings on and continuing our collaboration.

  • Multiple photographs. The minimum number of photographs is 6. The maximum number of photographs is 24.
  • The resolution of the photographs must necessarily be 2048X1536 pixels.
  • The logo of the manager/travel agent must not be watermarked on the rental’s photographs.
  • The manager’s/travel agent’s trade name must not appear on the listing’s Title or description. It is allowed only in the relevant section of their Profiles.
  • Each property rental should bear a unique Name and Identifying Code.
  • The minimum limit for each rental’s description is 1,000 characters.
  • Every rental should list information relevant to their inclusion features (suitable for people with disabilities, wheelchair access, pet friendly, senior citizens friendly, etc).
  • For every rental, its renting policy (Check In & Check out time, Hosting location, etc.) must be mentioned in the relevant section of its listing.
  • For every rental, its payment and cancellation policies must be mentioned in the relevant section of its listing.
  • For every rental, its booking rates must be listed.
  • The availability of each rental should be updated as soon as possible.
  • Each property rental and room constitutes a single rental unit. does not list Multi Units. Each property/ unit of the Multi Unit must be listed as an independent property.
  • The management and completion of all Bookings and Booking requests is carried out only through the payment platform that is linked to.
  • The Manager/Travel Agent/Owner should accept the majority of Booking requests.
  • The Manager/Travel Agent/Owner should not frequently cancel bookings for listings marked as available for Instant Booking.
  • The listing of the manager’s/travel agent’s website is not allowed, as well as any attempt to redirect the traveler to their Company’s website and override
A certain number of these listing standards determine your priority rank when travelers search for rentals.
Adhering to all the listing standards is a prerequisite in order for a professional or a property owner to continue their collaboration with