FAQs (for Owners)

 I am a Professional (Rental Property Manager, Travel Agent, Boutique Hotel Owner). How can I list the houses and property available for renting?

In order to list your property rentals on Viloxenia.com, you should register and create an account on Rentability-PMS (Property Management System).

 What is Rentability-PMS?

The Property Management System Rentability-PMS, is not just a software for registering your properties/villas/apartments. It is a specialized management application for the short-term leasing of your property and it enables you to fully manage all the booking procedures for your property. It covers all the stages of reservations, accounts, receipts and payments. It includes a Central Reservation Calendar, automatic creation of management actions for bookings and booking requests and all the document templates required for your prompt response at any stage of the reservation process.

 Is listing properties on Viloxenia.com FREE?

Registering your properties on Viloxenia.com is FREE. There are not any one-off charges or commission on the bookings you receive through Viloxenia.com. The only fee that exists, concerns the use of Rentability-PMS and is estimated based on the number of properties you manage.

 I have my own website for my property rentals. Can I link it to Viloxenia.com?

You can connect your business website in 2 ways. You can either use the Booking Engine of Rentability-PMS on your website or choose the iCal connection. The Booking Engine is fully integrated in your website and ensures two-way synchronization of rates and availability and immediate delivery of bookings and booking requests.

 My property rental have already been listed on other Sales Channels (e.g. Airbnb.com, Booking.com, Homeaway.com, etc.). Can I show/connect them to Viloxenia.com?

The Management system Rentability-PMS offers the possibility of connecting with more than 40 Sales Channels through the Channel Manager and ensures two way synchronization. It can also connect to any sales channel or property short-term leasing website through iCal (availability update).

 Do the changes concerning my property rentals and bookings appear in real time on Viloxenia.com and the Sales Channels where I have listed my properties?

Any change immediately appears on Viloxenia.com. This is the case with the other Sales Channels, but if the total changes regard rates updating, availability and changes in the properties’ description, it depends on the connection type you have chosen, namely if the connection has been made via the Channel Manager, Booking engine or iCal. The connection type determines which and how many changes can be supported each time. The only change which is always synchronized in any connection type is the availability updating.

 Am I subject to any specific requirements in order for my properties to be listed on Viloxenia.com?

Viloxenia.com aspires to be a trustworthy and modern site for presenting vacation rentals to travelers. With that in mind, certain specifications have been established, which should necessarily be met by Professionals in order for their properties to be listed.
See here the Listing Standards.

 Can I watch a Demo of Rentability-PMS in order to become fully aware of its services and benefits?

We strongly suggest that you do. Call us at +30-210 9345586 or send us your request via our Contact Form, so we can schedule a presentation and provide you with a Demo of the Management system Rentability-PMS.