How works for Professional Managers, Travel Agents and Property Owners

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When you sign up, you create your account. Following your account’s confirmation, you can start using the management system to register your rentals

Register your property rentals

Registering your rentals on is a simple process and is carried out through Rentability-PMS. We offer training and support at every stage of the process.

Assess booking requests

Booking requests are directly imported to your management system and you are simultaneously notified via e-mail and mobile text. For every request, an automatic check of availability is performed.

Send Proposals

For every request, you may use a special document form and send alternative suggestions for rentals to your prospective clients. Their final choice turns automatically their request into a fixed booking.

Manage your bookings properly

Proper management requires a series of actions which include communication with the traveler, collecting the reservation payment and paying any liabilities regarding the booking. Automatic creation of every action in an effective way that fully controls and prevents errors.

Central Reservation Calendar

See at once the complete plan of your bookings and availability for your rentals. Detailed reservation tab with all the relevant information. Directly change booking requests into fixed bookings. Automatic availability synchronization in every Sales Channel.

Direct communication with clients

Preset templates for every case. Adaptation based on your needs. Setting and real time sending according to each stage of the booking. Increase of response time, prevention of errors, time saving.

Financial monitoring

See per time period, per rental or per destination, your total revenue, receipts, amounts due, your payments to third parties and you current cash flow.

Why list your property rentals on, uses the property management system Rentability-PMS.

Rentability-PMS is a simple, yet comprehensive property rental management application which monitors all the stages and procedures concerning the management of your bookings and booking requests. From the first moment that a client is interested in one of your rentals until the finalization of the booking and its payment.

In addition, Rentability-PMS offers you:

Connection through the Channel manager
  • It receives and manages booking requests from multiple Sales Channels (,,, etc.).
  • It automatically synchronizes the details, photos, rates and availability of the rentals on all your sales channels.
Connection through iCal
  • It connects to any Channel/rental website via iCal and synchronizes the rentals' availability.
Booking Engine
  • Full connection of your website to the Booking Engine of Rentability-PMS allows you to directly receive bookings (Οn-line Booking) and updates rates and availability in real time.
  • It monitors the collection of payments, issues invoices and receipts, as well as reports for your revenue, expenses and cash flow.
  • It includes all the document templates that a Professional rental manager needs so that they can have real-time contact with their prospective clients.
  • It’s ready to use at anytime, anywhere and it is accessible via any device (desktops, smartphones, tablets).
Rentability-PMS is an essential tool that completely supports all the procedures of the Operational management and offers you the possibility of connecting multiple Sales Channels, so that you can increase your bookings and revenue (Exposure & Sales).