FAQs (for Travelers)

 Why make a booking on Viloxenia.com?

Viloxenia.com is the only Greek Vacation Rental Portal which collaborates with local Professional managers of property rentals, travel agents and property owners. The professional network of Viloxenia.com comprises an extensive selection of top quality vacation rentals in Greece, the Greek islands and Cyprus. No matter your destination, you can find the accommodation that suits you best (country houses, villas, city apartments, etc.).

 If I need assistance or clarifications during the booking, do you provide real-time communication?

If you need anything before you make your booking or after your reservation has been completed, you can directly contact the Professional manager of your rental, either by telephone or via e-mail. The affiliated professional managers of property rentals will promptly respond to any request you may have and are always willing to help. You can also directly contact our support department for further instructions or assistance.

  Is there a service for sending and recording my message communication with the Manager of the rental?

Viloxenia.com provides you with a Guest extranet, which records all the messages you exchange with the Manager of the rental. Apart from recording your messages, this extranet gives you the possibility of managing your vacation, by adding properties that interest you to your Wish list until you select your preferred accommodation. You can save your booking requests and access your booking for any information you wish to review. After you have checked out, you can also share your experience and rate your stay at the property, as well as the Manager’s quality of service. You only need to register on the Guest extranet. You can register here.

 Will I be charged extra for making my booking on Viloxenia.com?

Making a booking on Viloxenia.com is FREE. There is no extra charge for the traveler, neither as a fee for the booking nor in the form of commission on the total amount. There is only the Transaction fee of the Payment processor.

 How is my reservation confirmed?

Viloxenia.com offers rentals available for Instant Booking and rentals for which the Manager of the rental has to confirm your booking (Booking on request).

  • Booking a rental which is instantly available (Instant Booking) is carried out without the Manager’s confirmation and is paid in full at the time of the booking.
  • Booking on request needs to be confirmed by the Manager within 24 hours. The payment can also be executed in two installments (you can pay a deposit at the time of your booking and the rest on a specific date).

 How can I be sure that my booking is confirmed and valid?

Following the payment of your booking, the Manager of the rental will directly contact you and send you a "Booking confirmation-Voucher". This includes all the required details for the rental, the dates of your booking and your payment. You have to keep this document and use it to check in at your vacation rental. In addition, your reservation and all the relevant information have been automatically recorded on your Guest extranet account.

 Can I cancel my reservation?

The cancellation policy of each property rental is determined by the Manager of the rental and not by Viloxenia.com. Many managers offer you the option of canceling your booking based on their cancellation policy, which appears on the listing of each rental, as well as in the reservation’s terms of agreement, so you can be aware of the cancellation policy of each rental before you make a booking. The possibility of refunding your deposit or part of the amount paid, depends on the time of your cancellation and the cancellation policy of each Manager. In any case, you will need to contact the Manager of the rental.

 Can I extend/ shorten my stay for a confirmed booking?

In case that your extended or shortened stay is not an issue with regard to the availability of the rental, your request will be accepted by the majority of rental Managers. In any case, you will need to contact the Manager of the rental.

 Will there be sufficient information and arrival directions regarding my reserved rental?

One of the reasons that it is worth making your reservation through Viloxenia.com, is that the professional rental managers with whom we collaborate can offer you a unique experience and support on your arrival, since they operate locally and are highly familiar with the area of your accommodation (Local agents – Local support and hosting). Besides sending you arrival directions, upon your arrival, they will wait to welcome you, help you and accommodate you at your rental.

 Which are the services offered during my stay?

The provided services which are included in the booking price are mentioned in detail both in the listing of each rental and in the reservation’s terms of agreement. They usually include cleaning service and change of linen. How often the services are provided is also mentioned in each rental’s listing.

 Is it possible to have extra services if I need it?

Most of the professional managers of rental property operate locally and are willing to offer you several extra services that you may want. Breakfast, Rent a Car, Yachting rental, Cruising around an island, excursions and other exceptional services can be offered in order to complete your stay and make your vacation a unique experience. Extra services may differ, depending on the accommodation area and the Manager of the rental. You should contact the Manager of a rental in order to be informed about their availability.

 Can I be informed about the area where my rental is located?

Viloxenia.com is an exceptional source of information for travelers in every destination (Destination Management) in Greece, the Greek islands and Cyprus. You can find useful information for any destination, photos of the area and additional information about attractions and interesting places, local authorities phone numbers, as well as directly see the available rentals in any area of the destination you are interested in. You can use Viloxenia.com for information, even after you have arrived at your destination.