You can list your property rentals as available for Instant Booking and enjoy the benefits

The availability of your rentals for Instant Booking is a special feature on and you get a badge to highlight your listing. Based on this, travelers can filter their search and directly proceed to their booking. Tagging your rentals as available for Instant Booking can boost your bookings and reduce the time needed to complete the booking process.

Instant Booking benefits

  • Priority in search results
    Property rentals that are available for Instant Booking appear higher in search results.
  • Saving time
    Direct update of availability, prevention of double-bookings and prompt response to booking requests.
  • Total control
    Cancel the reservation within 24 hours in case of any issue that may arise.
  • Your policy terms
    Travelers have to agree to your terms and conditions for the reservation to be completed.
By using Rentability-PMS, you ensure that any changes in rates and availability are directly updated for your listings, you avoid double-bookings and you make certain that your customers are satisfied.