The Acropolis, Athens

The cornerstone of European civilisation, the Acropolis is still a marvel, a reminder of what mankind is capable. You’ll be reminded of the marvelous creations of the Golden Age, some of which are the most famous monuments in the world; the Parthenon, the Propylaia, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheum with its famous Caryatids.

The historic centre of Athens

From Syntagma Square, stroll down the famous shopping street of Ermou, until you reach Monastiraki, and there you’ll enter the old markets teeming with tourist and antique shops. Avissinias Square with its flea market is particularly picturesque.


This aristocratic neighbourhood of central Athens offers a wide array of choices of chic cafes, high-end restaurants and cool boutiques.


The walk from Adrianou Street, through the shaded squares and streets of Plaka, to Anafiotika with its Cycladic architecture, is one of a kind.

Psyrri & Gazi

The neighborhoods of Psyrri and Gazi are hip hangouts emitting a youthful energy, full of  restaurants, cafes and bars it is cool to be seen in.