Chania Prefecture lies on the north coast of west Crete and features a combination of many beautiful beaches, small fertile plains, high mountains and deep gorges, such as the Samaria Gorge. Chania Prefecture is the greenest part of the island, as the range of the White Mountains ensures the highest rainfall in Crete.


Chania is one of the oldest cities in Crete, with a rich and tumultuous history. Today it is the second most populated city on the island, a city which has preserved its traditional architecture and most of its monuments from Venetian and Turkish times.

The Venetian harbour with its lighthouse and the old town in the centre have bestowed on Chania the reputation of the most picturesque city in Crete, welcoming thousands of visitors each year. Chania Venetian harbour with its lighthouse is the trademark of the city of Chania.One rarely finds a place so full of historical memories, which unfold before our eyes with exquisite skill through the architecture of the buildings looking onto the Venetian harbour, bearing scents from past times, drawing the visitor into a nostalgic game of the senses, a mixture of East and West.

Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is one of the main attractions in Crete. Every tourist visiting Crete, either already heard or will soon hear about gorgeous gorge. The Samaria Gorge is inwest Crete, in the White Mountains. It is the longest gorge in Europe, with a length of 18 kilometres. The gorge starts at Xyloskalo (1227 m. above sea level) on the Omalos Plateau and runs down to the seaside village of Agia Roumeli on the south coast of Crete. 

Useful Phone Numbers

Airport: 28210 63171, 63264

Port Police (Souda): 28210 89240

Olympic Air: 28210 53760

Aegean: 28210 63366

ANEK lines: 28210 27500

Hellenic Seaways: 28210 75444

ΑΝΕΝΔΥΚ: 28210 95511

Taxi: 28210 94300, 28210 98700

Touristic Police: 28210 25930

Traffic Police: 28210 25903-5

Hospital: 28210 22000-9


Tel.: 28210 93052