The old town of Rethymnon is one of the best-preserved towns of the Renaissance. Lying in the heart of modern Rethymnon, it combines the oriental features of the Turkish period with Renaissance-style Venetian architecture.

After the Venetian conquest of Crete (1204), the town of Rethymnon was built according to the rules of Venetian architecture. The original craftsmen were Venetians, but these later were replaced by Cretan murari,Venetian-trained master builders.

Today the old town of Rethymnon is a living museum of monuments of past centuries.Despite the damage sustained in the Second World War, many Venetian and Turkish monuments still stand, especially as the town has not been struck by major earthquakes.

The small Venetian harbour of Rethymnon, we can admire the 13th-century Venetian mole which once protected the harbour. This small breakwater with its high wall managed to face the wild waves of the Cretan Sea and survive the battle unharmed. It is in remarkably good condition despite the passage of so many centuries. At the end of the mole stands the imposing lighthouse. This is not Venetian, however, as it was built by the Turks after the 17th century.

The Fortezza is the Venetian fortress of Rethymnon, almost in the centre of the old town. The giant Fortezza, with its hidden centuries of history, is visible from every corner of the town and offers panoramic views of Rethymnon and the coast to the west.

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