The island of Lefkada is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea. The name comes from Cape Lefkata at the southernmost point of the island.

Between Lefkas and mainland Greece, the distance is quite short and a small bridge is used to connect the two sides. The bridge of Lefkas, however, is different from ordinary bridges because it is floating and can be moved, creating a... crossroad of "land" and sea.

The entire island is a natural attraction with seaside towns and villages, built in the green nature. The mountains of the island are important habitats in which they live and grow many rare species of plants, birds and mammals while there could see dozens of caves, waterfalls and springs.

Along the coast there are several beaches, but especially on the west side of the island are the best known like Pefkoulia, Egremni and of course the famous Porto Katsiki.

Useful Phone Numbers

Lefkada Municipality: 26450 23000

Lefkada Hospital: 26450 25371-6

Lefkada Police Station: 26450 29375

Lefkada Tourist Police: 26450 29379

Lefkada Port Authority: 26450 22176

Nydri Port Authority: 26450 92509

Aktio Airport: 26820 28343

Lefkada Bus Station (KTEL): 26450 92509

Arheological Museum: 26450 21635