Paxi (Paxos)

Paxos is the smallest island of the Ionian Islands is a cluster of small islands and islets, the largest of them are Paxos and Antipaxos. The shape of Paxos is oblong, like a lizard, and so Antipaxos. Endless olive grove Paxos and Antipaxos large vineyard. The eastern coast of Paxos are smooth, while the western steep, with remarkable formations: caves, arches, domes and sheer cliffs.


The capital of Paxos is Gaios, a picturesque village built at the port, protected by two small islands, Agios Nikolaos and Panagia. On the north side is the Lakka and on the east coast the picturesque Longos.

Useful Phone Numbers

Municipality: 26620 32100 - 26620 32207

Health Center: 26620 31466

Port: 26620 32259

Police: 26620 32222

Fire Department: 26620 31245 – 26620 31657