The history, the scenic landscape and the climate combine and give in the prefecture of Lakonia its special characteristics. Human presence has left its traces in the whole area of Lakonia prefecture. The archeological findings are scattered everywhere: from the caves of Diros to Vafio, Elos, Pellana and Maleas of the archaic era, to Sparta of the historic era, to the Byzantine Mistras, Geraki and Monemvasia. And finally to Mani, from the castles of which broke out the uprising of 1821.

Lakonia is situated on the northeastern part of Peloponnese. Its terrain is mostly semi-mountainous, with rich and fertile plains and forests. The wonderful islets Trinassos, Glaros, Leptonissi, Kasela, Roditsa, Daskalio and the island Elafonissos belong to Lakonia. It is defined by the two impressive mountain ranges: Taygetos on the west and Parnonas on the east and between them the river Eurotas flows through the Lakonian plain.

If you have time to dedicate to sightseeing in Lakonia, you will be glad to discover that this place has a lot to offer in terms of historical and other attractions. Sparti (Sparta) is surrounded by ancient sights and the center of the city is crowned with many neoclassical buildings and monuments. Findings from excavations at the ancient town of Sparta can be seen at the Archaeological Museum of the area. At Amikles is the throne of Apollo, at Vafio lies the Mycenaean tomb where the two world famous golden cups were found and are displayed at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Do not miss taking a tour around the very well preserved Byzantine town of Mystras with the Archaeological Museum and at the scenic castle-town of Monemvasia, which is of unique beauty. At Gytheio you can admire the remains of the ancient town, while at a distance of 10 km towards Areopolis you can see the impressive Passavas castle. Last but not least, do take a tour at the renowned Alepotripa and Vlychada caverns at Pirgos Dirou. You will stand witnesses of a unique natural phenomenon, stunning stalactites and stalagmites, while part of the Vlychada cavern tour takes place in a boat. It is a unique lifetime experience!

The two peninsulas of Lakonia prefecture, one flat and the other rocky have one common feature: the beautiful beaches, elsewhere rocky small bays and coves and elsewhere with long sandy beaches. In Monemvasia, recreation by the sea can be enjoyed at the municipal beach to the north, at Pera Kakavos and Pori, and to the south at Agia Paraskevi, Nomia, Agios Stefanos and Xifias. Elafonisos possesses exquisite, trademark beaches, such as Kontogoni and Kalogeras near the village, Lefki on the eastern coast, the famous beach of Simos- in the bay of Frangos, with its sand dunes and cedars, the beach of the bay of Sarakiniko and the sandy beach of Panagia on the western coast, opposite four small islands. The sea is generous with its gifts along the coastal region of Gytheio, from the municipal beach to the sandy beaches of Mavrovouni and Selinitsa where the Careta-Careta turtles always come to lay their eggs. To the south are the hospitable beaches of Vathi, Ageranos, Skoutari, Kalyvia and Paganea, with crystal-clear water.Other very well organized beaches to enjoy your swim, outdoor activities and a delicious meal nearby the sea are the beaches in Neapolis, Archangelos, Vathia, Vlachiotis, Molaoi, Oitylo and many more.