Messinia with the seductive shores and the imposing landscapes will give an impressive picture. The calm nature, warm climate, verdant locations, fertile areas, the sea with extensive beaches, Venetian castles and traditional villages compose the unique charm of Messinia. During winter and summer, the county Messinia manages to charm visitors. The prefecture of Messinia is bordered east to Laconia, north of Arcadia and Elis. Capital and port of the prefecture is Kalamata, one of the most modern cities of the country. Wandering in Messinia will find that this area is blessed by nature and history.

The beaches in Messinia can be paralleled with little tropical paradises, with their turquoise waters and beautiful shores, both sandy and pebbly. The locations where you can enjoy your swim are innumerable, but the most renowned Messinia beaches are the very long beach of Kalamata, Almiros, Mikri Mantineia, Santova and Delfinia beach in Kardamili, Stoupa and Kalogria beach in Stoupa. The region of Messini offers an extended coastline full of beautiful sandy beaches and great facilities, while in Koroni and Methoni you will find magic beaches, such as Peroulia, Zagga, Kalamaki and Foinikounta that you will adore. It is worth visiting the beaches of Pylos like Gialova and Voidokilia, which are two of the most popular beaches in Messinia. If you have a boat you can visit Proti, Sapientza, Shiza, Agia Mariani and Venetiko, which are beautiful and secluded islets, with peaceful, turquoise waters.

While in Messinia you can get acquainted with interesting sights and charming attractions that will give you the chance to gain some more knowledge about this bewitching place. At the town of Kalamata you will admire the castle, the old town, the churches and the monasteries, the libraries, the public theater, the picture gallery, the neoclassical buildings, the monument of the fighters of 1821, the tobacco factory of Karelia, as well as the archaeological and cultural museums, which are some of the most interesting sites of the town. The whole of the area seems to be an open-air museum with innumerable sites, such as the remains of Apollo’s Sanctuary in Agios Andreas, the archaeological site in Ancient Messini, the ancient town of Filiatra and the Mycenaean Palace in Hora Trifilias. As castles and fortresses abound in Messinia and most of them are very well-preserved, pay a visit at the remains of the Middle Ages castle in Androusa, the castle and the Bourtzi fortress in Methoni, the castles Paleokastro and Niokastro in Pylos, as well as the Frank castle remains in Stoupa.